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About Me

I've always had an affinity for metals and minerals. I started working with metal at a young age. I used the copper wire my dad brought home from train engines to make bubble blowers and necklaces for my mom. As a teenager, I discovered a 'sixth sense' with gems and minerals while working in a jewelry shop. I can decipher and decide mineral quality like the flash of a camera. This sixth sense combined with my deep yearning for stones and sent me on a journey which led me to the other side of the world. After studying metalsmithing at Kent State University, I travelled to Coober Pedy in the Australian Outback. There I met a miner with a generous heart and opals sparkling in his eyes. He provided me with opal rough, which was the beginning of an exciting collaboration with my newly-retired dad.

Back in the states, my father acquired and repaired lapidiary equipment which we used to learn stonecutting over six months. Dad took to the cutting work naturally, but I went back to setting stones in my own metal wire creations. I began selling jewelry of own design in 2002. Sitting with an umbrella and a table on the deck of The Wharfside, a Put-in-Bay bait shop, I enjoyed the summer days making jewelry for happy vactioners and exploring the island. Fast forward fifteen years and more than five-thousand handmade pieces, I have fallen in love with the Lake Erie Islands and I'm reaching out to the world to share the healing joy of gemstones.


Reflection of light is what lapidiary artist Ron Greene uses to reveal the beauty within each stone he cuts and polishes. Silver glitters on still waters, light bounces to your eyes and the stone speaks of what pleasure our earth holds. Love radiates from this wonder and can be shared with all who behold.

An Ode to Dad's Stones

Ron Greene
Lapidiary Artist
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