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my story..
plus your story..
is the story of the piece

Artist Ode to Island Life

Island made Reflections of South Bass Island, a Lake Erie Harbor

Light glistens like flecks of silver, lining each wave in still waters. My son plays on the shore looking for bones, fossils and the colorful jewels of beach glass, which reveal themselves in the rubble.  Feeling fully in the present moment, flying through her waters, floating in between each island provides a sense of freedom from the daily grind. Our monument, our home, a stone symbol of international peace, towers above the treeline. We are lucky to feel the calm angelic love of the celestite Crystal Cave in our backyward. Home is where my son is, but it's defined by the nature around it. Migratory birds, wildflowers, the smell of grapes on the wind. Eyes open to take it all in. My pieces hold my story, your story, and the story of our great Lake Erie.

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I've always had an affinity for metals and minerals. I started working with metal at a young age. I used the copper wire...

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